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Impact of the Non-Cooperation Movement

Filed under: History on 2021-06-05 19:12:19
Despite the failure of the Non - Cooperation Movement to achieve its primary goal of Swaraj, it has succeeded on many other counts highlighted below:
1. The National Congress has shown that it represents the country's majority opinion. It can not be charged with representing a ' microscopic minority ' anymore.’
2. The movement's geographical spread was also nationwide. While some areas were more active than others, few areas, if any, remained entirely passive to the call for non – cooperation.
3. The Non - Cooperation Movement was the masses ' first opportunity to participate in politics and combat injustice and economic hardship caused by years of foreign rule.
4. Notwithstanding the incidents of Malabar, which were not seen later during the Civil Disobedience Movement, there was considerable involvement of Muslims in the movement and the maintenance of communal harmony.
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