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The launch of the Non-Cooperation Movement

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The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, Rowlatt Act and Khilafat Movement resulted in unrest among the masses anxious to take political action against the British government. Only added fuel to the fire was the economic hardship suffered by ordinary Indians. On August 1, 1920, the Non - Cooperation Movement was officially launched.
Congress Nagpur session in December 1920 defined the Non - Cooperation program clearly in detail. Following changes to the Indian National Congress Constitution at the December 1920 Nagpur Session:
1. The Congress goal has been shifted from achieving self - government through constitutional and legal means to achieving Swaraj through peaceful and legitimate means.
2. The Congress now had to have a 15-member Working Committee to look after its daily affairs.
3. Linguistically, Provincial Congress Committees were to be organized now.
4. The membership fee was reduced to 4 years per year to make it possible for the poor to join.
5. Congress was to use Hindi as far as possible.
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