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Features of Indus Valley Civilization

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1. BC. 2700- BC.1900 ie for 800 years.
2. On the valleys of river Indus.
3. Also known as Harappan Civilization.
Beginning of city life.
4. Harappan Sites discovered by – Dayaram 5. Sahni (1921) – Montgomery district, Punjab, Pakistan.
6. Mohanjodaro discovered by – R. D. Banerji – Larkana district, Sind, Pakistan.
7. The city was divided into Citadel(west) and Lower Town(east).
8. Red pottery painted with designs in black.
9. Stone weights, seals, special beads, copper tools, long stone blades etc.
Copper, bronze, silver, gold present.
10. Artificially produced – Faience.
11. Specialists for handicrafts.
12. Import of raw materials.
13. Plough was used.
14. Bodies were buried in wooden coffins, but during the later stages ‘H symmetry culture’ evolved where bodies were buried in painted burial urns.
15Sugar cane not cultivated, horse, iron not used.
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