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About Chanakya Guru of Chandragupta Maurya

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# Teacher of Chandragupta Maurya, who was also his Chief Minister.
# He was a teacher and scholar at Taxila. 
# Other names are Vishnugupta and Kautilya.
# He was also a minister in the court of Bindusara.
# He is credited to be the master strategist behind the usurping of the Nanda throne and the rise of the Mauryan Empire through his student, Chandragupta.
# He wrote Arthashastra which is a treatise on statecraft, economics, and military strategy.
# Arthashastra was rediscovered by R Shamasastry in 1905 after it had disappeared in the 12th century.
# The work contains 15 books and 180 chapters. The main theme is divided into:
King, Council of Ministers and Departments of the Government
# Civil and criminal law
# Diplomacy of war
# It also contains information on trade and markets, a method to screen ministers, spies, duties of a king, ethics, social welfare, agriculture, mining, metallurgy, medicine, forests, etc.
# Chanakya is also called ‘Indian Machiavelli”.
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