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Conversion of Ashoka into Buddhism

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# The battle with Kalinga fought in 265 BC was personally led by Ashoka and he was able to vanquish the Kalingas.
# Whole cities were destroyed and more than a hundred thousand people were killed in the war.
# The horrors of war disturbed him so much that he decided to shun violence for the rest of his life and turned to Buddhism.
Ashoka’s 13th Rock Edict describes the Kalinga war vividly.
# He now became Dharmashoka (the pious Ashoka) from Chandashoka.
# In about 263 BC Ashoka converted to Buddhism. Moggaliputta Tissa, a Buddhist monk, became his mentor.
# Ashoka even conducted the third Buddhist Council at Pataliputra in 250 BC under Moggaliputta Tissa’s presidency.
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