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Ashoka Dhamma in Maurya Empire

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# Ashoka established the idea of paternal kingship.
# He regarded all his subjects as his children and believed it the king’s duty to look after the welfare of the subjects.
# Through his edicts, he said everybody should serve parents, revere teachers, and practice ahimsa and truthfulness.
# He asked everyone to avoid animal slaughter and sacrifice.
# He expounded humane treatment of animals, servants and prisoners.
# He advocated tolerance towards all religions.
# He sought conquest through Dhamma and not war.
# He sent missions abroad to spread the word of the Buddha. Notably, he sent his son Mahinda and daughter Sanghamitra to Sri Lanka.
# Most of his edicts are written in Pali and Prakrit in Brahmi script. Some are written in the Kharoshti and Aramaic scripts also. # There are some edicts written in Greek as well. The language depends on the location of the pillar.
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