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Kanva Dynasty Indian History

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Kanva dynasty had a Brahmanic origin. The dynasty was named after the gotra of the ruler Kanva. The Kanva dynasty was founded by Vasudeva Kanva. It is believed that Vasudeva Kanva killed the Shunga ruler Devabhuti and established his own empire in 72 BCE.

Kanva dynasty had a ruling phase from 72 BCE to 28 BCE.

The chronology of Shunga, Kanva dynasty and Satvahana dynasty is given below:

    Shunga dynasty
    Kanva dynasty
    Satvahana dynasty

This dynasty was founded by Vasudeva Kanva. He ruled for a short period and was succeeded by Bhumimitra. The empire was extended into parts of eastern India and central India. The Kanva dynasty had claimed Vidisa as their capital.

The major rulers during that phase were:

    Vasudeva Kanva

Bhumimitra ruled for a period of 14 years and his son Narayana ruled for 12 years. The Satvahana dynasty defeated the Kanva dynasty and established their empire. The last Kanva king Susarman was killed by the Satavahana (Andhra) king.
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