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Babur The Founder of Mughal Empire

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1. The first Mughal emperor (1526- 1530)

2. Political situation in north-west India was suitable for Babur to enter India .

3. Sikhandar Lodi died in 1517 and Ibrahim Lodi succeded him. I. Lodhi tried to create a strong centralised empire which alarmed Afghan chiefs as well as Rajaputs.

4. So in 1526 he defeated the Sultan of Delhi, Ibrahim Lodi and his Afghan supporters, at (First) Panipat (War) and captured Delhi and Agra.

5. The establishment of an empire in the Indo-Gangetic valley by Babur was a threat to Rana Sanga.

6. So in 1527 – defeated Rana Sanga, Rajput rulers and allies at Khanwa [a place west of Agra].

7. Babur’s advent was significant :
Kabul and Qandhar became an integral part of an empire   comprising North India . 
8. Since these areas had always acted as a staging place for an invasion of India and provide security from external invasions
These two areas mentioned above helped to strengthen India’s foreign trade with China and Mediterranean seaports .

9. His war tactics were very expensive since he used heavy artillery which ended the era of small kingdoms because these smaller ones cant afford it .

10. He introduced a concept of the state which has to be based on strength and prestige of Crown instead of religious interference. This provided a precedent and direction to his successors .
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