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Humayun and Akbar in Mughal Dynasty

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Humayun [1530-1540, 1555-1556]
1. Humayun divided his inheritance according to the will of his father. His brothers were each given a province.

2. Sher Khan defeated Humayun which made him forced to flee to Iran.

3. In Iran, Humayun received help from the Safavid Shah. He recaptured Delhi in 1555 but died in an accident the following year.

Akbar [1556-1605] – The Most Popular Ruler among the Mughal Dynasty
His reign can be divided into three periods :

1. 1556-1570 : Military campaigns were launched against the Suris and other Afghans, against the neighbouring kingdoms of Malwa and Gondwana, and to suppress the revolt of Mirza Hakim and the Uzbegs. In 1568 the Sisodiya capital of Chittor was seized and in 1569 Ranthambhor.
2. 1570-1585 : military campaigns in Gujarat were followed by campaigns in the east in Bihar, Bengal and Orissa.
3. 1585-1605 : expansion of Akbar’s empire. Qandahar was seized from the Safavids, Kashmir was annexed, as also Kabul . Campaigns in the Deccan started and Berar, Khandesh and parts of Ahmadnagar were annexed.
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