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Important Rulers of the Satavahana dynasty

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1. Simuka

# Considered to be the founder of the Satavahana dynasty and was immediately active after Ashoka’s death.
# Built Jain and Buddhist temples.

2. Satakarni I (70- 60 BC)

# Satakarni I was the 3rd king of the Satavahanas.
# Satakarni I was the first Satavahana king to expand his empire by military conquests.
# He conquered Kalinga after the death of Kharavela.
# He also pushed back the Sungas in Pataliputra.
# He also ruled over Madhya Pradesh.
After annexing the Godavari Valley, he assumed the title of ‘Lord of Dakshinapatha’.
His queen Nayanika wrote the Naneghat inscription which describes the king as Dakshinapathapati.
# He performed Ashvamedha and revived Vedic Brahmanism in the Deccan.

3. Hala

# King Hala compiled the Gatha Saptashati. Called Gaha Sattasai in Prakrit, it is a collection of poems with mostly love as the theme. Around forty of the poems are attributed to Hala himself.
# Hala’s minister Gunadhya composed Brihatkatha.
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