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Economy of Satvahan Dynasty

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# Major economic system of Satavahana and other contemporary dynasties was well organized and systematic.

# There was all round development in the field of agriculture, industry, and trade during this period.

# Agriculture was the main occupation of a large section of the people.

# The land was held by the individuals as well as by the state.

# The gramakshetra was protected area by fences and field-watchmen against pests like birds and beasts.

# Usually, the land holdings were small enough that could be cultivated by the individual family. But sometimes, the land holdings were big enough consisting of up to 1,000 acres.

# The land outside the village is called arable land.

# Beyond the arable land of the village lay its pastures, which were common for the grazing of cattle. The arid land also belonged to the state.

# The forest was located on the boundary of the village.

# Kautilya gives a complete scheme of village plan.
According to Kautilya, the land of the village was divided into −

-Cultivated land,
-Uncultivated land,
-Pastures, etc.

# The main crops were rice of different varieties, coarse grains, sesame, saffron, pulses, wheat, linseed, sugarcane, and mustard. Besides, a large number of vegetables and fruits were also grown.

# Every village had artisans like carpenter, potter, blacksmith, barber, rope maker, washer man, etc.
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