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Explain about Chandragupta I Ruler of Gupta Empire

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# Was the son of Ghatotkacha.
#  Chandragupta Ⅰ is considered to be the founder of the Gupta Era which started with his accession in 319 – 320 CE.
#  He strengthened his position by a matrimonial alliance with the Lichchhavis (Nepal). He married Kumaradevi, a princess of the Lichchhavi clan and this added to the power and prestige of the Gupta family (Vaishyas).
#  He extended his kingdom through conquests. His territory extended from the Ganges River to Prayaga by 321 AD.
# He issued coins in the joint names of his queen and himself.
# He assumed the title of Maharajadhiraja (great king of kings).
# He was successful in building a small principality into a great kingdom.
#  His empire consisted of Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and parts of modern Bihar, with Pataliputra as its capital.
# He is considered the first great king of the Gupta Empire.
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