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Navratna poets of Chandragupta II court | Gupta Empire

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1. Kalidasa – He wrote Abhijnashakuntalam, one of the best hundred literary works in the world and also the earliest Indian work to be translated to European languages.

2. Amarasimha – His work Amarakosha is a vocabulary of Sanskrit roots, homonyms and synonyms. It has three parts containing around ten thousand words and is also known as Trikanda.

3. Varahamihira – He wrote three important books-
# He composed Pancha Siddhantika, the five astronomical systems.
# His work Brihadsamhita is a great work in the Sanskrit language. It deals with a variety of subjects like astronomy, astrology, geography, architecture, weather, animals, marriage and omens.
# His Brihat Jataka is considered to be a standard work on astrology.

4. Dhanvantri – He is considered to be the father of Ayurveda.

5. Ghatakarapara – An expert in sculpture and architecture.

6. Shanku – An architect who wrote the Shilpa Shastra.

7. Kahapanaka – An astrologer who wrote Jyotishya Shastra.

8. Vararuchi – Author of Prakrit Prakasha, the first grammar of the Prakrit language.

9. Vetala Bhatta – Author of  Mantrashastra and was a magician.
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