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History of Skandagupta | The Gupta Empire

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# He ascended the throne in 455 AD and ruled till 467 AD.

# During the 12 year rule, he not only defended the great culture of India but also from external aggression and defeated the Huns (Bhitari pillar inscription), who had invaded India from the north west.

# By defeating Pushyamitras during his initial years of ascendancy, Skandagupta proved his ability to rule and took upon himself the title of Vikramaditya.

# The Junagadh rock, which contains inscription of the earlier rulers Ashoka and Rudradaman, has an inscription engraved on the orders of Skandagupta’s governor Parnadatta. The inscription states that Skandagupta appointed governors of all provinces, including Parnadatta as the governor of Surashtra.

# Skandagupta issued five types of gold coins: Archer type, King and queen type, Chhatra type, Lion-slayer type and Horseman type.
His silver coins are of four types: Garuda type, Bull type, Altar type and Madhyadesha type.

# Adopted the title ‘Vikramaditya’.

# Junagarh/Girnar inscription of his reign reveals that his governor Parnadatta repaired the Sudarshan lake.

# After Skandagupta’s death, many of his successors like Purugupta, Kumaragupta Ⅱ, Buddhagupta, Narasimhagupta, Kumaragupta Ⅲ and Vishnugupta could not save the Gupta empire from the Huns.  ​Ultimately, the Gupta power totally disappeared due to a variety of reasons.
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