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Chandragupta II the Gupta Ruler | Ancient History

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Chandragupta II (c. 376 – 413/415 CE)
# Samudragupta was succeeded by his son – Chandragupta Ⅱ. But according to some scholars, the immediate successor was Ramagupta, the elder brother of Chandragupta Ⅱ. But there is little historical proof for this.

# During Chandragupta Ⅱ’s reign, the Gupta dynasty reached its peak by expanding territories through conquests as well as by marriage alliances. He married Kuberananga, a Naga princess and had a daughter, Prabhavati with her. He married Prabhavati to a Vakataka prince, Rudrasena Ⅱ (Deccan). After the death of her husband, Prabhavati ruled the territory as regent to her minor sons with the help of her father. Thus Chandragupta Ⅱ  indirectly controlled the Vakataka kingdom.

# Chandragupta Ⅱ’s control over the Vakataka kingdom in central India proved quite advantageous for him. It helped him to conquer Gujarat and western Malwa, which was under the rule of Shakas for about four centuries by that time. The Guptas reached the western sea coast which was famous for trade and commerce. This contributed to the prosperity of Malwa and its main city Ujjain, which was also Chandragupta Ⅱ’s second capital.

# An Iron Pillar inscription at Mehrauli in Delhi indicates that his empire included even north-western India and Bengal. He adopted the title ‘Vikramaditya’ (powerful as the sun) and Simhavikrama.

# He issued gold coins (Dinara), silver coins and copper coins. On his coins, he is mentioned as Chandra.

# During his reign, a Chinese traveller, Fa-Hien visited India and wrote a detailed account about the life of its people.

# The Udaigiri cave inscriptions refer to his digvijaya, that is, his conquest of the whole world.

# His court at Ujjain was adorned by nine famous scholars known as the Navratnas (nine gems).
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