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Kumar Gupta I Gupta Empire | Ancient History

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Kumaragupta Ⅰ (c. 415 – 455 CE)

# Kumaragupta Ⅰ was the son and successor of Chandragupta Ⅱ.

# Adopted the titles of ‘Shakraditya’ and ‘Mahendraditya’.

# He performed ‘asvamedha’ sacrifices.

# Most importantly, he laid the foundation of Nalanda University which emerged as an institution of international reputation.

# At the end of his reign, peace did not prevail on the north-west frontier due to the invasion of the Huns of Central Asia. After occupying Bactria, the Huns crossed the Hindukush mountains, occupied Gandhara and entered India. Their first attack, during Kumaragupta Ⅰ’s reign, was made unsuccessful by prince Skandagupta.

# The inscriptions of Kumaragupta Ⅰ’s reign are – Karandanda, Mandsor, Bilsad inscription (oldest record of his reign)  and Damodar Copper Plate inscription.
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