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50+ Words for Word Association Test SSB

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# Quality – Punctuality is an uncompromising quality of a good leader.
# Hide – Hide and seek is an interesting game.
# College – The electoral college chose her as a new representative.
# Journal – Maintaining a journal helps in self-development.
# Pet – A dog is the best pet a human can ever have.
# Past –  He learned from his past mistake and corrected himself.
# Behaviour – Her good behaviour earned her respect in the society.
# Over – Overthinking mostly creates misunderstandings between people.
# Literary – The literary works of the 19th Century are fascinating.
# Minister – The doctor was busy ministering to the injured.
# Irritate – People who sleep less are often easily irritated.
# Minor – The age of a minor in India is reduced to 16 years for heinous crimes.
# Hurry – We hurried to help the people in need.
# Thief – Poverty and lack of education drives many to become thieves.
# Speed – Practising daily helped speed our progress.
# Party – He threw us a party on his successful recommendation.
# Advertisement – The best way to popularize a product is to advertise it.
# Thank – The ministers thanked all the supporters and well-wishers after the elections.
# Baby – Babies have 300 bones at the time of birth.
# Discussion – The quality of group discussion teaches us to work in a team.
# Quick – Quickness of decision was demonstrated by us.
# Desire – It is desirable to exercise some social control over technology.
# Craze – Genius people are sometimes thought to be crazy by the society.
# Cooperation – The NIA is working in cooperation with the forces to resolve the terror issue.
# Pursue – The police officer pursued the van till it caught the offenders.
# Government – The victorious party gets to form the government in a democracy.
# Friends – My friend took up accident surgery as his major and he earns quite well now.
# Beauty – Very less people has the ability to admire natural beauty.
# Step – Failure must be looked upon as steps towards success.
# Future – Future is lighted by hard work and preparation.
# Music – Learning to read music is an art in itself.
# Soul – A soulmate is sometimes all it needs to complete the life.
# Poetry – His love for poetry is very inspiring to others.
# Tear – In anger, he tore the letter and later, regretted.
# Lesson – Cadets in NDA are lessoned on war-tactics as well as on latest educational degree.
# Family – Soldiers’ families are generally the most supportive people to them.
# Pool – Pool tables are used to play billiards as well as snooker.
# Class – “Wings of Fire” is an inspiring classic novel by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
# Profession – Joining Army is more of a public service than a profession.
# Coeducation – There is a need to increase coeducation in India for a better mutual respect among both genders.
# Canteen – Armed forces provide canteen facilities to its members.
# All – Be accountable for all of your actions.
# Map – Unavailable resources can be mapped from nature.
# Contrary – Analyse a situation from the contrary view too.
# Die – Dinosaurs died out due to possible meteor attack.
# Paint – We paint our future based on what we do today.
# Down – An optimist person never looks down on anyone.
# Frank – Being frank to others is a good trait.
# Ghost – Even a ghost of happiness is enough to make others cheer.
# Angry – Controlling anger is the best practice for self-control.
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