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An Armed forces officer must have these 15 qualities

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Being an Officer in Defence forces is a coveted dream of many young bloods. However, selecting the right candidate is of immense importance as one wrong decision of an officer could turn life into death for many soldiers. In order to become an officer in Army/Navy or Air Force, a candidate must poss  ......

New 60 SRTs Situation Reaction Test 2021 for SSB

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We hope you have good knowledge of what is SSB and it is conducted. So in this post, I am not going to tell you about it's procedure. Here I have added 60 important SRT for good preparation of SSB. LEARN SRT HERE.

1. He was asked to walk a long distance by his scoutmaster but he was having a fe  ......

Do's and Don'ts for SSB Psychology Test SSB

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Listen and adhere to the instructions carefully and properly.
Clarify all doubts you have before the commencement of each test.
Be as imaginative and spontaneous as possible.
Give your first reactions to the stimulus shown to you. Don’t think twice as there   ......

10 things you must follow before SSB interview

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Once you receive a call letter for SSB interview, many of you wonder what things you must do before going and how to prepare for this crucial interview. Apart from pursuing coaching classes, studying SSB books and gathering information from several resources, there are still many significant tactics  ......

60 SRT (Situation Reaction Test) for SSB Interview

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1. During a hiking trip, he was left alone behind the group. He….

2. While going to watch a movie with friends, he lost all the movie tickets. He…

3. On reaching the examination hall, 5 minutes after the commencement of examination, he remembered that he has not brought his admit card. He  ......

Situation Reaction Test: Best Examples for SSB

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He and his friends were coming from the school on bicycles, his friend fell from the bicycle and his hand got fractured. He…………….

TT came to check his ticket but he found that his purse, containing the ticker and cash was pickpocketed. He…………….

How was traveling in a train   ......

15 Most Common SRTs for Situation Reaction Test SSB

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1. He was going to the neighboring village on his cycle to get medicine for his ailing mother. The cycle got puncture and it  was getting dark. He...............

2. He was driving down a deserted road. He saw some men teasing a girl. He.........

3. He was given the responsibility of organizing  ......

20+ SRTs with answers for SSB interview

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1.He met with a serious accident while going on a bicycle, resulting in serious injury to pillion rider and serious damage to his vehicle. He………………………..
  • Took the injured to the nearest hospital locking his vehicle.

2. While going over the bridge over a river with his frie  ......

Frequently asked 50+ SRTs for situation reaction test SSB

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1. He was going to the hospital to take care of his ailing mother. His cycle got punctured and it started raining. He…..

2. His friend came to him and asked for 2 lakh rupees on an urgent note in one day. He

3. He was out for tracking in Shimla and he lost his way. He wandered for 2 hours, b  ......

20 Frequently asked SRTs with answers for SSB

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SRT- Your captain falls ill and the team has no leader, you'll do..

Ans- Volunteer to lead the team, Discuss important things with ill captain motivate teammates, practice well and Win the match.

SRT- Your friend need urgent money for his father's operation and you found a purse full of money   ......

Rapid fire SSB Interview Questions

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1. Name of the place you come from ?
2. Institution where you had your education ?
3. Your 10th class marks ?
4. Favourite subjects in 10th class?
5. Favorite teachers in 10th class, why?
6. Teachers you didn’t like in 10th, why?
7. Your 12th class marks?
8. Favourite subjects in 12th class  ......

Confusing SRTs with Answers for SSB

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SRT- You are in train & lost your purse with money. You…… ???
Ans- I will use the money which i kept safely in my luggage for emergency situation…and will file an FIR later.

SRT- In his train compartment, two gunmen force passengers to give their belongings. He……???
Ans- Those gunmen   ......

Top 15 confusing Situation Reaction Test SRTs for SSB

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#1 He is having high fever and he was told to walk a long distance by his NCC commander. He…

#2 He was selected as the leader of the mountain expedition, for which, he has to leave the next day. He got a call about his grandmother being ill. He…

#3 He was served with a challenge by the col  ......

Tips for performing good in Situation Reaction Test SSB

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# Think of simple and obvious actions.
# Normally the reaction depends on individual’s capacity and ability.
# There is no, correct solution or book answer, for any situation.
# Do not write answers like - I will solve the situation, I will find out the problem, I will enquire about the problem  ......

Top 20+ SRTs Situation Reaction Test for SSB part 5

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Here are 20+ top SRTs to practice for your SSB. You can discuss SRT in this website's Forum. SSB Forum

List of SRTs: 
# His sister’s marriage is fixed. His relative refused to give loans/money. He…

# The marriage of your sister is fixed. He is not granted   ......

Tips for handling negative WAT (Word Association Test) in SSB

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Positive situation and positive words could be handled by everyone as it doesn’t demand any specific qualities but a true commander and leader are one who stood against the wind during the adverse conditions and the same thing is tested in this test by giving negative words. Here are some of the k  ......

100+ important words for WAT SSB

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F  ......

Top 30 SRTs Situation Reaction Test for SSB part 4

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# You were travelling in a train during night. A thief came and stole your bag and jumped off from train. You will 

# You saw your sister was walking with stranger. You will 

# You are working in government office and suddenly receive a call that your father had met with an accident. You will   ......

Important Tips for Word Association Test SSB

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# You need to write fast as candidates often miss some of the words and run out of time.
# Practice a lot of WAT a month or two before your SSB Interview.
# Practice 20-25 words on a daily basis.
# After practicing, read your sentences again and again to point out the improvements.
# If possible  ......

Top 20 SRTs for SSB part 3

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1) He had exams the next day & the road to his school was flooded with continuous rain for last two days.
2) While in discussion, his friend shouted at him, that he don’t know anything. He.......
3) While passing by he found two people sneaking at a house from the window. He.............
4) He   ......

Top 15 Solved SRTs Situation Reaction Test for SSB

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Q.1. His sister’s marriage is fixed. His relative refused to give loan/money. He…
Ans. Raises money through the bank, performs the marriage, helps his parents and returns the loan              through Equated Monthly Installments.
Q.2. Marriage of your sister is fixed. He is not granted leave   ......

Top 20 SRT Situation Reaction Test for SSB part 2

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1) He was rather young when his father was killed in the war and later mother kidnapped by the rival group. He had no other relative. He.............
2) You are on the way to your home suddenly your bicycle got punctured. You…..
3) He urgently needed of money. He...
4) During d exams his teache  ......

Top 20 SRT Situation Reaction Test for SSB

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1) His captain was injured before a crucial match, he was asked to lead the team? He. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
2) He was on his way to home and suddenly it started raining heavily? He. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
3) You are an officer posted  ......

50+ Words for Word Association Test SSB

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# Quality – Punctuality is an uncompromising quality of a good leader.
# Hide – Hide and seek is an interesting game.
# College – The electoral college chose her as a new representative.
# Journal – Maintaining a journal helps in self-development.
# Pet – A dog is the best pet a human   ......

50 Important Word Association Test-WAT for SSB

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1. Garden – PM Modi addressed the Indians at Madison Square Garden in New York.
2. Cinema – Cinematography is taken up as a profession by many students nowadays.
3. Women – Respecting a woman makes for a true gentleman.
4. Persuade – Persuasive people always have half the battle won.
5.   ......