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20 Frequently asked SRTs with answers for SSB

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SRT- Your captain falls ill and the team has no leader, you'll do..

Ans- Volunteer to lead the team, Discuss important things with ill captain motivate teammates, practice well and Win the match.

SRT- Your friend need urgent money for his father's operation and you found a purse full of money along with the ID Proof of Owner, you'll do..

Ans- Return the purse with the help of ID then contribute whatever I can and help him in all the possible ways for the operation.

SRT- You want to marry a girl/boy but your parents are not ready, you will do..

Ans- Talk to my parents putting forward logical points, convince them and marry the girl/boy.

SRT- While going for exam you see an injured person lying on the road, you'll do..

Ans- Hire an auto and take the injured and person then admit him in a hospital, inform his family, and reach on time for exam.

SRT- You have to attend the marriage of a friend’s sister in another city, just one day before when you have to leave your other good friend arrives and tells he/she has to stay at your home and has some work in your city. You will

Ans- Make the friend comfortable, tell her/him the situation and ask her/him to stay with my family and complete her/his work in the city.

SRT- In a moving train you see a thief snatch away a women’s purse and jump out of the train. You will

Ans- Lodge a complaint with the RPF, help the women by giving her some money if she needs.

SRT- While going on trekking in midway you come to know that the person responsible for bringing the food packets has forgot to bring. 

Ans- You being the leader of the group will
Come back and go for trekking another day.

SRT- You fall ill before your exams, you'll do..

Ans- Take medicine and revise as much as i can, then take the exams and pass with good marks.

SRT- You are very successful any have many jealous people who you suspect are planning against you. You will

Ans- Keep doing my work with more caution and alertness.

SRT- When you see somebody in your school/college/workplace who is much more successful and is a favorite of all, you

Ans- Appreciate him/her and take and learn as much good points from him/her and do hard work to improve my performance more.

SRT- In your hostel the dal has had a lot of stones for the last ten days and you are fed up with it. What would you do?

Ans- Bring the matter to the notice of the authorities in charge and if nothing happens, then report it to the superintendent.

SRT- You are standing in the doorway of a train which has just started to move, suddenly you see a man falling off the train to the platform. You will?

Ans- Run immediately and help the man to get on the train with all effort.

SRT- You see in a deserted bazar a man who smashes the jeweler’s window and steals some ornament, jump into the car and drive away quickly. You will?

Ans- Note the number of the car, inform police immediately by phone.

SRT- You have not done well in you NDA/CDSE/AFCAT written exam, your father asks you to drop the idea all together and try something else, you will?

Ans- Apply yourself to study with greater interest and hard-work and give the exam again and crack it.

SRT- The electric lights of your area have gone out due to heavy rain, what will you do?

Ans- Inform the power house from the nearest telephone for restoration of electricity.

SRT- While travelling by train, you come to know on the next station from which you boarded that you have lost you ticket. You will?

Ans- Report it to the guard/ticket checker and do whatever he advice.

SRT- To check the growth of population, what according to you can be done?

Ans- Intensify the family planning program and educate people about it more.

SRT- You have joined an educational institute which is far from home. You are happy / unhappy and why?

Ans- Happy because I’ll learn to live independently.

SRT- Being invited to a party of a 7 year old kid of neighbor, you'll do.

Ans- Buy picture storybook, crayons as a present and arrange games for the kids to play.

SRT- In any discussion you always win an argument, what do you think is the reason?

Ans- I can influence others with my points and give practical and sounds reasons to agree to it.
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