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Important Tips for Word Association Test SSB

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# You need to write fast as candidates often miss some of the words and run out of time.
# Practice a lot of WAT a month or two before your SSB Interview.
# Practice 20-25 words on a daily basis.
# After practicing, read your sentences again and again to point out the improvements.
# If possible, prepare with someone already preparing for SSB so as to compare and evaluate each other’s sentences. 
# Try practicing in morning to sync your mind and body with the actual timings of the test at SSB Interview.
# Do not use precahings, refrain from giving advices/instructions.
# Do not writing the meaning and definition of a word.
# Do write your natural responses and try to attempt atleast 45-50 Words in test.
# Avoid sentences on simple observations. 
# Avoid writing Idioms and Phrases, Quotations and Universal Truths as they show lack of original thoughts.
# Don’t try to memorise beforehand of the test.
# You will automatically get the flow once you have started practicing regularly.   
# Make a positive and meaningful sentence as far as possible in your test.
# Avoid ths use of “I or Me” and maintain a good hand-writing.
# Psychologists assess WAT on daily basis and it won’t take them much time to identify whether you are practical or trying to fake your response. 
# You will definitely excel in WAT once you have practiced well with these guidelines.
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