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Tips for handling negative WAT (Word Association Test) in SSB

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Positive situation and positive words could be handled by everyone as it doesn’t demand any specific qualities but a true commander and leader are one who stood against the wind during the adverse conditions and the same thing is tested in this test by giving negative words. Here are some of the key points which can help the candidates to handle these words-

# Do not leave any negative word as it shows that you are incapable of handling the situation and you bowed down.

# Do not make negative sentences.

# Do not write the antonym of the negative word as it denotes that you modified that word as per the situation which suits you.

# Write small sentences consisting of 4-5 words.

# You can also change the form of the words.

# Try to think as quickly as possible.

# Write sentences which projects your personality.

# Do not cram the sentences.
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