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Rapid fire SSB Interview Questions

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1. Name of the place you come from ?
2. Institution where you had your education ?
3. Your 10th class marks ?
4. Favourite subjects in 10th class?
5. Favorite teachers in 10th class, why?
6. Teachers you didn’t like in 10th, why?
7. Your 12th class marks?
8. Favourite subjects in 12th class?
9. Favorite teachers in 12th class, why?
10. Teachers you didn’t like in 12th, why?
11. Any competitive exam after 12th, what was the result?
12. Your graduation %age?
13. Why did you choose Btech/BSc/etc?
14. Participated in any extra curricular activities? 
15. Any special achievement? 
16. Who all are there in your family? 
17. What all they do ?
18. How do you pass time? 
19. How do you spend your pocket money or income?
20. Tell me something about your friend?
21. Who is your best friend?
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