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Tips for performing good in Situation Reaction Test SSB

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# Think of simple and obvious actions.
# Normally the reaction depends on individual’s capacity and ability.
# There is no, correct solution or book answer, for any situation.
# Do not write answers like - I will solve the situation, I will find out the problem, I will enquire about the problem or I will plan the action as required etc.
# Do not write answer to the situation if you do not understand the situation or you do not know about it to avoid giving wrong response.
# Solve the problem as it is. Do not make any assumption and aggravate the situation by adding the problems from your side e.g. if accident is there you add that he will have at least fractures etc. or If someone comes in the dark you add that it has to be a lonely spot and you cannot raise alarm or shout for help.
# Do not write that I will not do anything, and pass the situation. (If armed men confront you in dark do not write you will not do anything because they can be Defence /Police personnel. Similarly if you loose your purse and have no money do not write that you keep some money in box or in your shoes and you will use that money.). This amounts to dilution of the problem.
# Do not avoid the situation by writing that this cannot happen eg I do not have younger sister or brother or my parents are not there or all my friends are very good etc.
# Never permit yourself to be in the begging or pathetic state.
# Avoid joining strikes and activities creating disharmony.
# Use money carefully. Do not waste it for parties etc as a student.(It leads the psychologist to conclude, wasteful of resources). If it is big money, use for future plan for self-employment and development.
Do not give alternatives eg I will do this and if not then I will do that …...
# Act smartly and clearly if the situation involves boys and girls.
# Short and brief answers will save time. Vague answers are not desirable.
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