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50 Important Word Association Test-WAT for SSB

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1. Garden – PM Modi addressed the Indians at Madison Square Garden in New York.
2. Cinema – Cinematography is taken up as a profession by many students nowadays.
3. Women – Respecting a woman makes for a true gentleman.
4. Persuade – Persuasive people always have half the battle won.
5. Religion – Religion is defined by our work, not god.
6. Compromise – National security can never be compromised.
7. Method – A methodized manner saves a situation.
8. Danger – Indian defence is always ready to face dangerous situations.
9. Time – A successful person completes everything within the assigned time.
Worry – It is not work but worry that is a concern.
10. Attack – Cyber-attacks are on rise in India.

11. Lonely – He was the lone survivor to help them in the avalanche.
12. Confusion – Many people confuse stroke with heart attacks.
13. Aggressive – The aggressive acquisition strategy was made into force by the officials.
14. Criticism – Although people criticized, he followed his mind and heart for this career.
15. Blind – Though blindfolded, the hostage managed to call the police.
16. Precaution – People were evacuated from the building as a precautionary measure.
17. Depression – People with depression need time and comfort.
18. Pity – It’s a pity that the nation is importing majority of the arms from the foreign lands.
19. Hungry – Being hungry of your dreams makes you work harder.
20. Team – Leadership is not all about leading, but about teamwork.
21. Never – An officer has a “never say die” attitude.
22. Weapon – Personal weapons are on rise in the market.
23. Imagination – People who work hard can easily imagine their goals.
24. Record – Instrumental music recording is very pleasant to listen.
26. Life – Life jacket is used as a precautionary step.
27. Face – Courage makes us face new challenges.
28. Playground – Mountains are a playground for adventure lovers.
29. Father – The Fatherof the Church pronounced them husband and wife.
30. Fault – Her superiors could not fault her dedication to the service.
31. System – Working in a systematic manner produces good results.
32. Impossible – Pessimists believe that a world at peace is an impossibility.
33. Heritage – Indian heritage is hundreds of years old.
34. Honey – Having honey daily in the morning is good for health.
35. Lies – The Indus Valley Civilization lies in ruin today.
36. Offer – Offering a drink to someone is a good ice breaker.
37. Meeting – Meeting new persons daily makes you socially adaptable.
38. Interest – Interest earned by banks from loans is the source of their income.
39. Save – Indian soldiers saved people trapped in the recent floods.
40. Doctor – Anyone next to God in saving life is a doctor.
41. India – India is a global face of growing technology and a developing nation.
42. Fire – Firefighters are the real heroes in fire operations.
43. Initiation – Make in India Initiative is very efficient for Indian economy.
44. Line – An officer is always available in the line of duty.
45. Tests – India has undergone various missile tests to strengthen country’s defence.
46. Jealous – Jealousy of others sometimes mean that you are doing great.
47. Difference – Differences in religion can’t divide true patriots.
48. Fool – Captain Vikram Batra fooled the insurgents and saved the lives of his soldiers.
49. Bitter – Raw berries have an intensely bitter flavour.
50. Board – He was recommended by the Service Selection Board.

Hope you liked these WAT words. Prepare hard and crack in first attempt.
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