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Frequently asked 50+ SRTs for situation reaction test SSB

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1. He was going to the hospital to take care of his ailing mother. His cycle got punctured and it started raining. He…..

2. His friend came to him and asked for 2 lakh rupees on an urgent note in one day. He

3. He was out for tracking in Shimla and he lost his way. He wandered for 2 hours, but still could not find the way out. He…..

4. He was new in the town. He was surrounded by some people. He…..

5. His step mother refused to give him money for bus fare. He…..

6. His sister called him and told him that she is not feeling well. He was in the mid of the meeting. He…..

7. A friendly discussion took up to an intense level with one of his friends. He…..

8. He smelled the gas leakage in the house after entering the house. His family members were busy in some work. He…..

9. His friends forced him to drink beer when he was not in the mood of drinking. He…..

10. He is feeling sick and the next day he has to appear for his final exams. He…..

11. His principal convicted him of beating another college student and decided to rusticate him. He…..

12. His classmates decided to complain against one of the lecturers. When he refused, they started avoiding him. He…..

13. While traveling by train, he found a briefcase that doesn’t belong to any passenger nearby. He…..

14. Due to a mild quarrel, his elder brother decides to leave the home. He…..

15. He was new in the city and found all his money being stolen. He also lost his ATM. He…..

16. He fell off in a lake from his boat and found no body nearby. He doesn’t know swimming. He…..

17. He and his friends planned to conduct a cleanliness drive in a nearby village to promote Swach Bharat Abhiyan. But some of his friends planned to go to a picnic party on the same day. He…..

18. He found his friend struggling to pass the re-examination, in which he easily got passed. He…..

19. His friend proposed a plan to bribe lecturer for passing the college examination. He…..

20. He was attending driving classes and found his instructor casual and uninterested in teaching him. He…..

21. He was given the task to vigil over the ongoing maths Olympiad. He observed some candidates using unfair means in the exam. He…..

22. He was out on the field posting. His wife complained to him about not getting good response from his parents. He…..

23. He planned to take admission in M.Sc. But his father was not able to pay for his session, due to his sister’s marriage. He…..

24. He was told to lead the team in NCC camp. But he found his team mates not satisfied with his leadership. He…..

25. While waiting for his train, a man started abusing him. He…..

26. He found two of his friends fighting for a girl. He…..

27. He was given responsibility to organise an event. Just before the starting of the event, the lighting system went off. He…..

28. While going for trekking, he reached the railway station and found all his friends missing from the decided place. He…..

29. When he came back to his seat in the train, he found one of his bags missing. He…..

30. He found his new neighbours not compatible with him. He…..

31. While returning to the home he met with an accident with a car and the car driver blamed him for the accident. He…..

32. He was assigned responsibility to conduct an event. One of his lecturers opposed this decision. He…..

33. During a discussion with his friends, he was not getting the chance to the put up his point. He…..

34. His project was criticized in the exhibition. He…..

35. He saw a helicopter crashed in the vicinity near his unit lines. He…..

36. He saw some boys teasing his friend’s sister in the cinema hall. He…..

37. He failed in exams even after bold efforts. He…..

38. One of his friends fell off in the lake and he doesn’t know swinging. He…..

39. He was kidnaped by the dacoits and was forced to sign a ransom note to his father. He…..

40. He failed in IAS exam in his 3rd He…..

41. When he reached the railway station, he saw his train just crossing the station. He…..

42. He was on a trekking trip with his friends in Shimla, when he discovered that one of his friends was missing. He……

43. While travelling by train, the coach next to his, caught fire. He…..

44. He was enjoying the fair with his niece and suddenly he saw rampage on the other side of the fair ground. He…….

45. He was assigned the task to organise a sports competition. Many preparations were pending before 2 days of the event. He…..

46. His friend cracked jokes on his girlfriend in front of him. He…..

47. While going to the attend examination, he met with an accident and got his left leg severely injured. He….

48. He found his juniors amending company records to leak out some money. He…..

49. His convoy got stuck on the way, due to some problem and the place is prone to terrorists. He….

50. He was on a cycling expedition with his friends, when he saw some miscreants with local weapons, heading to an area. He…….

51. He was waiting in the queue to buy movie ticket, when a well-built person went to the window to get the ticket. He…..

52. When TTE asked him for ticket, he discovered that he lost his ticket. He…..

53. He got information of a possible dacoit raid in the village. He…….

54. He has to appear in the exam next day, when his friend asked him to lend him his books for preparation. He……

55. He found his battalion members fighting. He…..

56. All his friends decided to play volleyball. But he refused to play. All his friends started abusing him. He……

57. Fire broke out in his village and flames are approaching. He…..

58. His NCC Havaldar was too strict and rude. He……

59. He was on the way to deliver a package to his sister. On the way, he realized that he don’t have that package. He…….

60. His name was raised in a crackdown in college. He……..

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