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Q. 91) Rolf Molich’s Comparative Usability Evaluation (CUE) studies:

(A) show there is a large amount of overlap between findings from different teams.
(B) users can load documents created by different applications
(C) users can transfer knowledge as they move between applications.
(D) users can apply logical constraints between applications
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Q. 92) akes to explain an interface to a new user. T F 4. Which of the following are advantages of using platform conventions during interface design:

(A) users can run the same software on different platforms.
(B) interaction design is multidisciplinary
(C) interaction design combines the disciplines of software engineering and psychology
(D) interaction design is an application of common sense
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Q. 93) Which statement best reflects interaction design?

(A) interaction design is a new discipline
(B) they rate it as less honest
(C) they rate it as more likeable
(D) they rate it as less likeable.
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Q. 94) According to Quintanar (1982) how do users rate an interface/system that gives them personalised feedback?

(A) they rate it as more honest
(B) measuring progress towards usability goals throughout development
(C) developing and testing in several cycles
(D) all of the above.
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Q. 95) Which of the following instances illustrates ‘cognitive walkthrough’?

(A) talk to the users about their needs
(B) consult the experts
(C) imagine yourself as the user and think from their perspective
(D) none of the above
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Q. 96) Which of the following could be an example of a question in task analysis?

(A) what is your occupation?
(B) under what situations will you use an app like this?
(C) have you used a similar app?
(D) how would you change your profile picture in this app?
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Q. 97) What is an ideal composition of tasks in a task analysis?

(A) all easy tasks
(B) all difficult tasks
(C) a mix of easy, moderate and difficult tasks
(D) more easy tasks and less difficult tasks
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Q. 98) Identify the main goal of interaction design

(A) to assess the effect of interface on system
(B) to assess the extend of design functionality
(C) to sketch the system layout from user\s perspective
(D) to assess the extend and accessibility of system functionality
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Q. 99) Identify the evaluation technique that is useful to evaluate early design such as prototype and storyboard

(A) heuristic evaluation
(B) cognitive walkthrough
(C) model-based evaluation
(D) review-based evaluation
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Q. 100) Select the heuristic principle to describe the given statement below: Always keep user informed about what is going on, through appropriate feedback within reasonable time.

(A) error prevention
(B) help and documentation
(C) visibility of system status
(D) consistency and standard
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