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Q. 111) According to Rogers et al. (2011) what was the primary reason for the success of the iPod?

(A) powerful functionality
(B) user experience
(C) access to content
(D) conceptual design
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Q. 112) Which of the following is a design implication of our understanding of human attention?

(A) tactile feedback should make the same kinds of distinctions that a<br>person would feel in the world (e.g. pushing vs. pulling)
(B) text should be legible and distinguishable from its background under<br>different lighting conditions.
(C) avoid cluttering the interface with more information than is needed at<br>the present moment for the user.
(D) none of the above.
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Q. 113) A question format that collects users opinions on a verbal scale (eg. strongly disagree to strongly agree) is called what?

(A) a psychometric scale
(B) a likert scale
(C) a questionnaire
(D) an open-response questionnaire item.
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Q. 114) Sequential or series testing is

(A) running the system with line data by the actual user
(B) testing changes made in an existing or a new program
(C) is checking the logic of one or more programs in the candidate system
(D) making sure that the new programs do in fact process certain transactions according to specifications
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Q. 115) Which of these belong to the four criteria used to critique a cognitive walkthrough success or failure story:

(A) will the user be trying to achieve the right effect?
(B) will the user know that the correct action is available and will achieve the desired effect?
(C) . if the correct action is taken, will the user see that things are going ok?
(D) all of above
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Q. 116) Regarding the measurement of usability attributes:

(A) reliability is measured by performing common use cases
(B) errors are measured by counting minor and catastrophic errors made by users.
(C) learnability is determined by measuring the time it takes to explain an interface to a new user
(D) users are needed to measure efficiency
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Q. 117) Which of the following techniques can teach you a few things about a thousandpeople?

(A) cognitive walkthrough
(B) market researchy
(C) affinity diagram
(D) contextual inquir
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Q. 118) question can be varied to suit context
Disadvantages Time consuming
Choose the Evaluation query technique based on above statement

(A) questionnaire
(B) protocol analysis
(C) interview
(D) review-based evaluation
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Q. 119) i. Gender
ii. Interface style
iii. Task completion time
iv. Background noise

(A) i, ii and iii
(B) i, ii and iv
(C) i, iii and iv
(D) ii, iii and iv
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Q. 120) Which of the following does not belong to 9 heuristics?

(A) provide clearly marked exits
(B) easy to use
(C) minimize user memory load
(D) speak user language
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