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Q. 241)                           is the least technical way of collecting data, but it can be difficult and tiring to write and observe at the same time.

(A) audio recording.
(B) taking notes.
(C) observation
(D) video
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Q. 242) Research can tell you about what, how, many and why in rich, multivariate detail.

(A) quantitative
(B) qualitative
(C) sme
(D) none of these
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Q. 243) A pluralistic walkthrough?

(A) requires a fully functional prototype
(B) is usually conducted at the end of the development process
(C) is often conducted with low-fidelity designs
(D) requires having several alternate designs
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Q. 244) What is the best description of a conceptual model?

(A) a high level description of how a system is organised and how it
(B) interaction paradigms and interaction modes D. the problem space faced by the designer when gathering user
(C) ---
(D) ---
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Q. 245) Where would a card- based prototype best fit in the design process?

(A) after conceptual design, before scenario design
(B) after scenario design, before storyboarding.
(C) after storyboarding, before low-level prototyping.
(D) after low-level prototyping, before high-level prototyping.
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Q. 246) You are running a user test session and your participant wants to leave half way through

(A) ask them to stay until the end as planned, so
(B) after ensuring they do not need medical help, let them leave, with
(C) offer them an incentive payment to encourage them to finish the
(D) none of the above.
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Q. 247) Which professional groups are most appropriately involved

(A) end users and designers
(B) designers and usability experts
(C) usability experts and marketing personnel
(D) designers and marketing personnel.
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Q. 248) Pressing the mouse button in the       ?        object allows you to drag the document within the window boundaries.

(A) button
(B) text
(C) label
(D) header
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Q. 249) In general, a pilot test is intended to:

(A) discover gear- up accidents with aircraft landing gear.
(B) discover unrealistic time estimates for tasks.
(C) discover effective equipment.
(D) determine an alternative set of tasks for testing
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Q. 250) Conventional wisdom says that …………….. tell the user when he has made some mistake.

(A) program crash
(B) system stuck
(C) error messages
(D) metadata
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