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Q. 21) Which of the following does not include in Shneiderman's 8 golden rules?

(A) support internal locus control
(B) maintain the system frequently
(C) permit easy reversal actions
(D) offer informative feedback
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Q. 22) How many main categories of principles to support usability?

(A) 5
(B) 4
(C) 6
(D) 3
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Q. 23) Which of the following is not a Model human processor?

(A) the perceptual system
(B) the cognitive system
(C) the motor system
(D) the memory system
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Q. 24) Which professional groups are most appropriately involved in preparation and performance of the classic kind of cognitive walkthrough?

(A) end users and designers
(B) designers and usability experts
(C) usability experts and marketing personnel
(D) designers and marketing personnel.
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Q. 25) The analogy of the user in HCI is used as

(A) requirements design system
(B) system design
(C) information processing system
(D) system output
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Q. 26) Pressing the mouse button in the       ?       object allows you to drag the document within the window boundaries.

(A) button
(B) text
(C) label
(D) header
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Q. 27) The term "physical reception" of stimulus actually describes the

(A) infinite capabilities of human
(B) skills of human vision
(C) unlimited human vision
(D) limitation of human vision
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Q. 28) Rolf Molich’s Comparative Usability Evaluation (CUE) studies:

(A) show there is a large amount of overlap between findings from different teams.
(B) show many teams found more problems than they chose to report.
(C) use the common industry format (cif) for usability reports.
(D) show that usability testing finds all known problems.
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Q. 29) Regarding the measurement of usability attributes:

(A) reliability is measured by performing common use cases
(B) . sample expert users are needed to measure efficiency.
(C) learnability is determined by measuring the time it takes to explain an interface to a new user.
(D) none of these
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Q. 30) Which of these are usability inspection methods?

(A) action analysis
(B) heuristic evaluation
(C) cognitive walkthrough
(D) all of the above.
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