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Q. 191)                            Research can tell you about what, how, many and why in rich, multivariate detail.

(A) quantitative
(B) qualitative
(C) sme
(D) none of these
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Q. 192) What is the fundamental insight underlying the "cognitive walk through" method of evaluation?

(A) processes are the most important aspect of the user experience
(B) the idea that users can sometimes be left out of the evaluation
(C) the idea that users earn by exploring an interface
(D) the idea that experts need to work hand in hand with useers to develop an optimal user experience
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Q. 193) Which of the following is a design implication of our understanding of human attention?

(A) the same kinds of distinctions that a person would feel in the world
(B) information than is needed at the present moment for the user
(C) text should be legible and distinguishable from its background under different lighting conditions
(D) sounds should be audible and distinguishable in the user
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Q. 194)         environments are environments that are user and context aware.

(A) non-attentive
(B) visual
(C) sensing
(D) attentive
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Q. 195) Main element
Issue, position and arguments
Which design rationale suite the characteristic above?

(A) issue-based information system
(B) design space analysis
(C) psychological design rationale
(D) graphical design rationale
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Q. 196)                        suggests identifying goals and questions first before selecting techniques for the study

(A) rvm model
(B) decide framework
(C) usability testing
(D) field study
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Q. 197)                              applications are great platforms for creating an environment rich, in visual feedback for the user.

(A) sovereign
(B) transient
(C) auxiliary
(D) daemonic
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Q. 198)                      is like the building name for a website.

(A) site id
(B) navigation
(C) section
(D) none of the given
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Q. 199)                        is the process of selecting things to concentrate on, at a point in time, from the range of possibilities available.

(A) perception and recognition
(B) attention
(C) learning
(D) none of these
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Q. 200) The type of ganglion cells that enables the early detection of image movement are called

(A) x-cells
(B) y-cells
(C) z-cells
(D) a-cells
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