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Q. 221) If the user wants to                     place the document somewhere in the file system hierarchy, he can request this function from the menu.

(A) explicitly
(B) implicitly
(C) habitually
(D) properly
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Q. 222) Which of the following is the comparison of what happened in the world with what we wanted to happen?

(A) action
(B) evaluation
(C) execution
(D) none of these
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Q. 223) The communication problem involves the

(A) manager and the analyst
(B) operate and the computer
(C) analyst and the programmer
(D) programmer and the computer
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Q. 224) What are the elements of the Gulf of Execution?

(A) information processing elements involved in working out what the system did
(B) information processing elements involved in working out how to interact with the system
(C) forming intentions, specifying right action, selecting appropriate interface mechanism.
(D) processing the interface, interpreting interface information, and assessing information meaning.
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Q. 225) What was an important early drawback of the Clearboard system by Ishii et al. (1993).

(A) it required people to move to a dedicated video conferencing facility at their workplace
(B) as people moved closer to the board to talk with a remote colleague, the video system no longer picked them up
(C) people found it uncomfortable to interact “looking down” at a colleague.
(D) all of the above.
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Q. 226) When brainstorming, which of the following are recognised techniques for getting unstuck:

(A) pretend it’s magic.
(B) pretend it’s human.
(C) renaming
(D) all of the above
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Q. 227) Select the heuristic principle to describe the given statement
Always keep user informed about what is going on, through appropriate feedback within reasonable time.

(A) error prevention
(B) help and documentation
(C) visibility of system status
(D) consistency and standard
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Q. 228) Choose the suitable method to apply the criteria below:
Data can be collected in database for analysis Present result clearly
Responses are usually received quickly

(A) interview
(B) questionnaire
(C) research
(D) observation
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Q. 229) Advantages:
question can be varied to suit context Disadvantages
Time consuming
Choose the Evaluation query technique based on above statement

(A) questionnaire
(B) protocol analysis
(C) interview
(D) review-based evaluation
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Q. 230) What is an affinity diagram?

(A) a diagram showing the degree of connection between people in social networks
(B) a diagram used to show people\s cultural affinities or sense of belonging to groups.
(C) a diagram that organises individual ideas and insights into a hierarchy showing themes
(D) a variant of a tag cloud that is generated from think-aloud protocols.
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