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Q. 141) The light sensitive part of an eye in human vision system is

(A) lens
(B) cornea
(C) retina
(D) rods
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Q. 142) What interaction paradigm did the Xerox Star use?

(A) conversation
(B) knowledge of a physical desktop
(C) embedded computing
(D) windows, icons, mouse, and pointer (wimp).
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Q. 143) Select the best way of analysing qualitative user comments collected during a user tset

(A) classify the comments into categories and count number of comments in each category
(B) find the average and the standard deviation of the data and report it in the body of the report
(C) use a scatterplot to graph users on the x axis and comments on the y axis.
(D) look for critical incidents to report.
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Q. 144) What was an important feature of the process by which the Mobiphos photograph sharing application (Patel et al., 2009) was evaluated?

(A) agile programming methods were interlaces with iterative user testing.
(B) four different data gathering techniques were used.
(C) participatory design was used.
(D) vibrations indicated the arrival of new photos in the application.
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Q. 145) The optical illusion used in designs effects page

(A) symmetry
(B) composition
(C) borders
(D) asymmetry
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Q. 146) All of the following are the project management causes of failed projects, except

(A) lack of organization’s commitment to the system development methodology
(B) lack of project documentation
(C) premature commitment to a fixed budget and schedule
(D) failure to adopt to business change
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Q. 147) If you are taking lecture and suddenly you hear music or voices from the other room. It is called?

(A) focused attention
(B) divided attention
(C) voluntary attention
(D) involuntary attention
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Q. 148)                       refers to how good a system at doing What it is supposed to do?

(A) safety
(B) usability
(C) efficiency
(D) effectiveness
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Q. 149)                  applications are great platforms for creating an environment rich, in visual feedback for the user.

(A) sovereign
(B) transient
(C) auxiliary
(D) daemonic
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Q. 150)                is the remarkable facility that lets us reverse a previous action.

(A) redo
(B) undo
(C) repeat
(D) delete
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