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Who was Bimbisara in Magadha Empire

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Here is the information about Bimbisara::
# Son of Bhattiya.
# According to Buddhist chronicles, Bimbisara ruled for 52 years (544 BCE – 492 BCE).
# Contemporary and follower of the Buddha. Was also said to be an admirer of Mahavira, who was also his contemporary.
# He Had his capital at Girivraja/Rajagriha (Rajgir).
# It was surrounded by 5 hills, the openings of which were closed by stone walls on all sides. This made Rajagriha impregnable.
# Also known as Sreniya.
# He Was the first king to have a standing army. Magadha came into prominence under his leadership.
# He had a rivalry with Avanti king Pradyota, but later became friends and Bimbsara even sent his royal physician Jivaka to Ujjain, when Pradyota had jaundice.
# He started the practice of using matrimonial alliances to strengthen his political position.
# He had three wives: Kosaladevi (King of Kosala’s daughter and the sister of Prasenjit), Chellana (daughter of the Lichchavi chief of Vaisali) and Khema (daughter of the king of Madra, Punjab).
# He followed a policy of conquest and expansion. Most notable conquest by Bimbisara was that of Anga.
# He had an effective and excellent administrative system. The officers occupying high posts were divided into three – executive, military and judicial.
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