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Who was Udayabhadra/Udayin Magadha Empire

By Chandani on 13 Jun 21 | Filed under: History Magadha Empire

Udayabhadra/Udayin (460 BCE – 444 BCE)

# Son of Ajatasatru.
# Shifted the capital to Pataliputra (Patna).
# Last of the major Haryanka rulers.
# Udayin’s reign is important because he built the fort upon the confluence of the rivers Ganga and Son at Pataliputra. This was done because Patna lay in the centre of the Magadha Kingdom, which now extended from the Himalayas in the north to the hills of the Chotanagpur in the south.
# He was killed at the behest of Palaka, the king of Avanti.
# Succeeded by three kings – Aniruddha, Manda and Nagadasaka.

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