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Who was Ajatasatru in Magadha Empire

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Here is the information about Ajatasatru::

# Son of Bimbisara and Chellana.
# He killed his father and became ruler.
# Embraced Buddhism.
# He convened the First Buddhist Council at Rajagriha just after the death of Buddha in 483 BCE. Read more on Buddhist Councils here.
# Won wars against Kosala and Vaishali.
Ajatashatru waged a war against Vaishali despite the fact that his mother was a Lichchhavi princess. It took him 16 long years to destroy Vaishali and add it to his empire.
# He used a war engine to throw stones like catapults. He also possessed chariots to which maces were attached which facilitated mass killings.
# The ruler of Avanti tried to invade Magadha and to thwart this danger Ajatashatru began the fortification of Rajgriha. However, the invasion did not materialise during his lifetime.
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