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Explain Sisunaga Dynasty

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Sisunaga Dynasty: 
According to Sri Lankan chronicles, the people of Magadha revolted during the reign of Nagadasaka and placed an amatya (minister) named Sisunaga as the king. Sisunaga dynasty lasted from 413 BCE to 345 BCE.


# Was the viceroy of Kasi before becoming king of Magadha.
# The capital was at Girivaraja.
# The most important achievement of Shishunaga was the destruction of the power of Avanti with its capital at Ujjain. 
# This brought to an end the 100-year-old rivalry between Magadha and Avanti. 
# Avanti became a part of the Magadha empire and continued to be so till the end of the Mauryan rule.
# Later shifted the capital to Vaishali.


# Son of Sisunaga. Also known as Kakavarna.
# Kalasoka shifted the capital to Pataliputra.
# He conducted the Second Buddhist Council at Vaishali.
# He was killed in a palace revolution that brought the Nanda dynasty to the throne.
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