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Q. Who defeated the Seljuk Turks at Mazikert in 1071 C.E

(A) confucious
(B) laotse
(C) romulusiv
(D) charaka

Q. Who was the last ruler of the Byzantine empire

(A) susrutha
(B) constantine xi
(C) al-razi
(D) avicenna

Q. When did Constantinople fell in the hands of the Turks in the year

(A) 1453 c.e
(B) 1435c.e
(C) 1534c.e
(D) 1464 c.e

Q. Roman Law giver was known as

(A) constantine
(B) henty iv
(C) martin luther
(D) justinian

Q. Who was the author of the book Corpus Juris Civilis

(A) selucus
(B) tribonian
(C) boccasio
(D) dante

Q. Who wrote the book City of God

(A) heradotus
(B) st.augustin
(C) pliny
(D) thucidides

Q. Which was the greatest religion of the world

(A) hinduism
(B) islam
(C) buddhism
(D) christianity

Q. who established Christianity

(A) jesus christ
(B) prophet mohammad
(C) laerna do davinci
(D) michalangelo

Q. Jesus Christ was born in

(A) jerusalem
(B) palastine
(C) nazreth
(D) bedlahem

Q. Who was the first Bishop of Rome

(A) leo iii
(B) st.agustin
(C) george iii
(D) peter

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