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Q. Which of the following is not used to align text in a document?

(A) Left
(B) Right
(C) Center
(D) Diagonal

Q. Encryption is the conversion of data in some intelligible format into an unintelligible format called……….to prevent the data from being understood if read by an unauthorized party.

(A) Clear Text
(B) Encrypted Text
(C) Cipher Text
(D) Coded Text

Q. Which of the following generation computers is referred to an expert system?

(A) 2nd
(B) 1st
(C) 4th
(D) 5th

Q. The method for storing data temporarily such that the input-output of the same job is overlapped with its own processing, is known as :

(A) Spooling
(B) Contention
(C) I/O wait
(D) Buffering

Q. ………is a setoff instructions.

(A) Hardware
(B) Code
(C) Language
(D) Program

Q. Each cell in Microsoft Office Excel documents is referred to by its cell address, which is the…………..

(A) cell’s column label
(B) cell’s column label and worksheet tab name
(C) cell’s row and column labels
(D) cell’s row label

Q. Which printer is very commonly used for desktop publishing?

(A) Laser Printer
(B) Inkjet Printer
(C) Daisywheel printer
(D) Dot matrix printer

Q. The lowest form of computer language is called

(C) Machine Language

Q. VPN means

(A) Vital Private Network
(B) Virtual Private Network
(C) Visual Projection Node
(D) Very Private Network

Q. The portion of the application that you work with in an application software package is the

(A) user interface
(B) utility interface
(C) processing interface
(D) analytical interface

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